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15 - 19 September 2008

Edinburgh ESS-Fringe Poster Session

Every year Edinburgh hosts the largest arts festival in the world. Around this has grown up a vibrant "fringe" activity that provides the opportunities for unknown performers to present their plays/acts in parallel with the main festival and has now grown to be even larger than the "official" event. Following the parallel of the now famous "Fringe" events (see for more details) ESSCIRC and ESSDERC will be holding a "fringe" event to complement the main conference.

Like the Festival Fringe, this important conference event will be held in the same venue as the official meeting and is designed primarily to introduce young engineers and scientists and students to the ESSDERC/CIRC conference series although, in the spirit of the Fringe, anyone who wishes to participate is very welcome. The forum is ideally suited for the submissions of recent progress which may, in some cases, not be ready for a full paper submission. Alternatively, contributions may present some breaking late news, some ideas which participants would like the opportunity to discuss topics or even collaboration opportunities with other participants at the conference. It is expected that the emphasis of fringe submissions will be on the presentation of the latest data (both measurement and/or simulation) as well as new ideas. However, participants are encouraged to be innovative in the true spirit of the Fringe, and the organisers are keen not to be prescriptive. The forum will provide the opportunity to network with the ESSDERC/CIRC community to discuss their ideas and latest results. Fringe submissions will be electronically published in a separate proceedings on the same media as the "official" ESSDERC/CIRC papers.

In the spirit of the Fringe, reviewing will relatively light touch with the main emphasis being relevance to the ESSDERC/CIRC conference. As an incentive for students to participate any students submitting a contribution to the fringe event will be offered a reduced conference registration rate.

Posters will be on display during the event and specific time will be allocated in the conference programme for authors to discuss their work with other conference attendees.

Session - Tuesday 16 September, 15:40-16:10

We would encourage authors to put up their posters from lunchtime onwards on Monday 15 September and all posters MUST be in place by lunchtime on Tuesday 16 September. The formal time slot for authors to present their posters will take place during the Tuesday afternoon coffee break (as per times above). Authors may choose to visit their posters at other times and will be able to arrange to meet anyone who is particularly interested in their work. We will be running a messaging service via the IOP registration desk to facilitate such meetings so please come and see us if you have such requests.

Posters should remain in place until lunchtime on Thursday 18 September and must be removed by the end of Thursday. We will remove any left over posters and any that have not been claimed by the afternoon of Friday 19 September will be discarded.

Posters should be A1 Portrait in size and all fixing material will be available at the boards.

Each poster will have a dedicated number which will be available in the handbook that you will be given upon registration. Please make sure that your poster is put on the correct board.

Further Information

Dr Tom Stevenson - E-mail:
Dr Tony Snell - E-mail:

ESSDERC/ESSCIRC 2008 acknowledges the Chipworks who have sponsored this event.